“We need a form of collective subjectivity” - Frank Keizer

New Collectives

The New Collectives theme focused on discussing the ways in which we can define visions of living together. Explore the process, ideas and debates around this topic which took place at the event through the detailed round table and workshop results below.



Cities not only become denser, but also more multicultural and more complex. Bigger agglomerations provide bigger opportunities, but at the same time alienation, exclusion and isolation remain in striking contrast to the emerging sentiment for community, new forms of cooperation, communication and their potential to change the traditional way of shaping our cities.

Esaú Acosta Pérez, Stefan Aue, Frank Keizer, Elena Malara, Elena Ostanel


hybridity of space, engaged professionals, politics, institutions, care, archive,  order, moments of disorder, community, domesticity, extitutions, middle-out process

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During several workshop sessions spread over 2 days and two thematic sections (words & stories) groups of participants collectively reflected on the changes in contemporary vocabulary, the ways in which they influence the discourse on the relationship between the urban environment and nature, and explored possibilities of actively shaping both the way we communicate and live.


collective risk, dictatorship of collaborations, sharing, striking, love, crisis, affordable housing, infrastructure, belonging, interdependence, commons, micro-socialism, coops, new coexistence

Taking as a starting point the shortlist of terms submitted through the open call the workshop focused on refining that list and defining core terms and concepts, which were used in the following two workshop sessions: 'terms on trial' and 'narratives'. The selection process and discussion within the group and between the groups was the starting point to exchange different readings and pick most interesting terms to be discussed in detail in the following sessions.



Terms on trial workshop focused on debating layered meanings and associations of terms that are used and abused in contemporary urban discourse. The New Ecologies team selected terms: collective risk and dictatirship of collaborations. Those were passed on to two independent groups who respectively prosecuted and defended the terms as if they were on trial. The public vote determined which arguments were more convincing.



What is the lived experience of a ‘symbiosis’? How is ‘ecological value’ experienced in the central square of our future city? What kind of character and what kind of story could illustrate that? We asked the workshop participants to paint an imaginary picture of how these terms could be experienced as tangible outcomes. How can they shape the world we live in? Each group worked with 4 terms (one per each category: New Ecologies, Urban Assets, Digital Toolkit and New Collectives) in 4 cycles of collective writing.

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