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July 27, 2016 - 8,259 comments

backstage interviews

UrgentCity - interviews backstage with Daniele Fanzini and Flaviano Celaschi

Another interpretation of the New Vocabulary, this time by Daniele Fanzini and Flaviano Celaschi, experts in project anticipation in the architectural field.

"It is important to create a specific taxonomy to each sector. At Politecnico di Milano we did a project in this direction: a competitive intelligence system applied to the construction sector. To define this taxonomy was a challenging process, were we involved experts from different disciplines"
Daniele Fanzini


"It would be interesting to imagine something along the line of Second Life: a vocabulary that is a digital imaginary world and mirrors the real one. Being digital, this vocabulary could be participatory and would be enriched and modified in real time from all over the world. It could be interpreted by any culture and in any language."
Flaviano Celaschi

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